Best Places to Visit in Chennai Over a Weekend

Best Places to Visit in Chennai Over a Weekend: Chennai, the capital
of Tamil Nadu, is one of the most picturesque cities in the South and has a
lot to offer both locals and tourists, yet it can get busy. Don’t worry;
many other locations close to Chennai are similarly enticing and convenient,
offering a tonne of activities like adventure, exploration, sightseeing, and

Check out our selection of 15-weekend getaways from Chennai if you’re
seeking some fun and fascinating places to visit while you’re in Chennai.
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Best Places to Visit in Chennai Over a Weekend:

1. Pulicat:

You can go by car to Pulicat, a tranquil little seaside town in the
Thiruvallur district, in less than two hours from Chennai. Although it is
most recognized for having the second-largest saltwater lagoon in the
nation, the area is also a haven for weekenders seeking adventure in the
nearby wildlife sanctuary or even those planning a romantic weekend or day
trip with loved ones.

2. Mahabalipuram:

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is an old town with a rich
history, culture, and architecture located around 60 kilometers from
Chennai. The entire town, which saw great splendor under the Pallava Dynasty
in the seventh century, is a museum of old temples, colossal statues, and
antiquated artifacts. The East Coast Road is a fantastic route with many
sights to see along the way, and it can be traveled in under two

3. Nagalapuram:

Nagalapuram, in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is a fantastic
getaway location and a popular trekking location for travelers from all over
India. It can be reached by car in less than two hours from Chennai.

The adventure activities accessible include:
Hiking through verdant hills.
Swimming in one of the many waterfalls and natural pools.
Setting up a tent on top of the hills.
You may also unwind by going on a pilgrimage, enjoying delicious and
spicily prepared Andhra food, and sightseeing.

4. Kanchipuram:

Kanchipuram, which is only two hours from Chennai by way of the NH48, is
dubbed the “City of a Thousand Temples” with good cause. Since the Pallava
Dynasty, the city, rich in religious architecture and culture, has served as
a center for pilgrims.

If you’re in Chennai, you must explore this area because it is home to
thousands of temples, shrines, statues, and other buildings. There are also
hundreds of street food vendors selling traditional south Indian food on
every corner, which makes for an enjoyable time of city discovery.

5. Thiruthani:

Thiruthani, a city with significant religious significance, is located
around 80 kilometers from Chennai. Abundant in natural beauty and numerous
historical religious places to explore, like the 2000-year-old Thiruthani
Murugan Temple. Tourists from nearby states who want to spend a few days
away from the city’s chaos and followers of Murugan are known to travel to
the region.

6. Tirupati:

Tirupati, one of the holiest places in the South, is well renowned for
drawing hundreds of pilgrims and tourists looking to explore the city’s
culture, legacy, and incredible historical temples. Tirupati, which is home
to some of the wealthiest religious organizations in the world, is also
brimming with exciting things to do for tourists; natural parks, waterfalls,
camping, trekking, and delicious food all make for the ideal weekend

7. Vellore:

The different kingdoms that have ruled Vellore over the years have combined
to create one of the most culturally and historically significant cities in
the South of India. These former tyrants, including the Pandyas, Cholas,
Vijayanagara emperors, Carnatic Nawabs, and British Raj, left their mark on
the city through their opulent architecture, culture, and cuisine. Anyone
nearby should make a weekend trip to Vellore, located around three hours
west of Chennai.

8. Chandragiri:

Due to its proximity to Tirupati, Chandragiri, which is less than a
four-hour trip from Chennai, is sometimes disregarded as a weekend getaway.
However, if you find yourself in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, plan to
spend a weekend here since Chandragiri is just as thrilling and interesting
as any city in the south, thanks to its forts, palaces, lakes, waterfalls,
museums, and delicious food.

9. Pondicherry:

Pondicherry, dubbed the French Riviera of the East, is a must-see location
for anybody traveling to the South. There is no reason not to go if you are
in Chennai because it only takes 3 and a half hours to drive there.

Pondicherry is a unique experience because of the French influences that
permeate everything there, including the architecture, language, and
cuisine. You can engage in adventure sports and exploration or just relax
and take in the serene setting and delectable French and South Indian

10. Nellore:

Nellore, abundant in natural beauty, is a paradise for wildlife, especially
bird watchers. Numerous environmental preserves and parks provide guided
tours and nature hikes where you can look for hundreds of different local
and migratory bird species. Forts dotted around the city, which make for
fantastic viewing and exploring, are also well-known in this area. The
nearby Patara Village is renowned for its handicrafts and offers fantastic

11. Yelagiri:

Yelagiri, a small hill town well known for its breathtaking beauty and
adventure sports, is less than three and a half hours from Chennai by car.
Come here for a weekend full of exciting activities, including boating,
paragliding, and hiking. When the town is in a festive mood and bustling
with events like cuisine shows, musical performances, and many other
cultural gatherings, the Yelagiri Summer Festival is a fantastic time to go.
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