Camping Out: The Best Camping Destinations in India

Best Camping Destinations in India: If you stay in a hotel, you
can’t truly enjoy the location. It is challenging for you to venture outside
and learn because of its luxury. Also, camping is all you need to escape the
city’s hectic sights and noises. Every traveler can have a unique camping
experience in India thanks to the country’s diverse deserts, mountains, and

You firmly believe that traveling under a starry sky, singing over a
campfire, and taking in the scenery are things the soul will love forever.
We, therefore, provide you with the top camping locations in India so that
you may create some priceless memories. Book your flights right away to your
destination. Check out below
Best Camping Destinations in India. 

The Best Camping Destinations in India:


Ladakh is the ideal camping location in India because of the peace and
beautiful scenery that surround it. The Tsomoriri Lake, Mystic Sangla
Valley, or West Ladakh Camp are the ideal locations for camping in Ladakh.
With a wide range of tourist activities, the area draws many visitors.
Consider staying longer in the Markha valley, where you may pitch your tent
under the starry nights and have an unforgettable experience.


One of the best camping locations in India is Rishikesh, which is situated
in the Himalayan foothills. The magnificent Rishikesh camp is not only
adjacent to the verdant greenery of nature but also exudes a calmer
atmosphere. There are tents here that are styled in a hermit fashion and
intended to provide you with a completely disconnected experience if you’re
searching for peace away from the bustle of city life. You can participate
in activities like rafting, hiking, yoga, and spa treatments in addition to
the organic meals supplied here. The opportunity to camp in Rishikesh is one
you shouldn’t pass up!

Spiti Valley:

For those looking for a break from the sweltering summers, Spiti Valley is
a well-known camping destination. The camping areas offer you the ideal
escape amid tranquility and breathtaking views. They are situated in the
district of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking enthusiasts can pitch camp at Chandra
Taal Lake and enjoy the stunning natural scenery.


The gleaming golden beaches provide the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable
camping trip in India. You will never forget the camel rides, traditional
dances, and ethnic cuisine in the vast Thar Desert. The camps in Jaisalmer
are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay and a day full of
enjoyable activities.

Information: Plan your camping trip for the winter months because the
deserts grow too hot in the summer.


Sonamarg offers some of the most beautiful camping locations in India.
Sonamarg is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and rich greenery at an
altitude of 2,740 metres above sea level. The freely flowing Sindh Sagar is
a crucial component of its natural surroundings for the most fantastic
experience. The magnificent Himalayas and the clear sky will be an
experience that campers will never forget.


The most well-known tourist destination in India and the best place to go
camping is Mussoorie. Many people stop by this beautiful, green location
each year to set up camp and take a tranquil vacation. In Mussoorie, there
are several lovely locations for camping. You can travel to the forest, the
Kempty Fall area, and a place outside the city that faces the upper
Himalayas. These places offer you cool air while also calming the most
agitated brains with their tranquility.


This hill town is situated in the Parvati Valley of the Kullu district at a
height of 1460 meters. It is a pleasure to observe and experience the
natural beauty surrounding this location. Numerous camps are located along
the Parvati River, providing you with the ideal break from the routine of
everyday life.

Chandra Taal Lake:

Chandertal Lake, situated in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley at a height of
about 4,300 meters, is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The Chandra
Bhaga range of the Himalayan Mountains surrounds the lake, which draws
travelers from all over the world. This area, sometimes called the “Lake of
Moon,” is the ideal camping location for an amazing experience. The camps
are well-known not only for their beautiful surroundings but also for their
range of adventurous activities. In addition to camping, you can go hiking
in the surrounding nature.

Solang Valley:

The Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh is ideal for all campers. Along with
the thrill-seekers because this location offers fantastic variations on the
activity. Camping is a fantastic experience because of the beautiful
plantations and meadows still surround the area. You can choose a camping
spot based on the activities, places, and amenities near the banks of the
River Beas.

Kaudiyala, Uttarakhand:

In addition to being a popular camping location in Uttaranchal, Kaudiyala
is a significant rest point on the way to the Kedarnath climb. The area, 480
meters above sea level, is filled with magnificent scenery and rich green
beauty. Based on the Ganga River, this location is a must-see camping
destination and the perfect hideaway to enjoy a wonderful experience. In
this article you have got all details of
Best Camping Destinations in India.

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